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American Conference Institute in Miami, FL

American Conference Institute in Miami, FL

In February 2017, Dr. Shea presented on Effectively Approaching and Utilizing the IME’s Evaluation, Treating Physician’s Opinion, the FCE, Neuropsych Evaluations, Medical Records and More at the American Conference Institute Litigating Disability Insurance Claims conference in Miami, FL

Acoustic Neuroma Webinar

Acoustic Neuroma Webinar

On June 6, 2016 Dr. Shea led a webinar with the Acoustic Neuroma Association on the Cognitive and Emotional Issues Associated with Acoustic Neuroma.

Dr. Shea will discuss the potential cognitive and emotional issues AN patients may experience, and why it is important for patients to have a neuropsychological evaluation prior to AN treatment. With this information, doctors are armed with a valuable baseline that can be used to discuss treatment options, make pre-treatment decisions and serve as a baseline should post-treatment rehabilitation be needed. By doing this, patients can make better mental preparations and have a better understanding and awareness of possible physical and mental issues that may affect the patient’s day-to-day functional life. Dr. Shea will also discuss the broad-based concerns for both pre- and post-treatment patients including depression and anxiety and will offer some coping mechanisms to help deal with the obstacles faced by many acoustic neuroma patients.

Dr. Shea

Dr. Shea

Leo J. Shea III, Ph.D. is President of Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment Services, P.C. with offices in New York City and Quincy, Massachusetts. His practice focuses on traumatic brain injury, tick-borne diseases, chronic illness, forensic work and trauma and provides cognitive remediation and psychotherapy to individuals and families. Dr. Shea is a Senior Staff Psychologist and Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Rusk Institute, a division of the New York University-Langone Medical Center. Prior to his present work with tick-borne and immunological disorders, he was Assistant Director of the NYU Brain Injury Day Treatment Program. Apart from his academic and clinical responsibilities at NYU-Langone Medical Center, Dr. Shea has served as an organizational consultant to national and international corporations on human resources, administrative and executive training and development, trauma response and health care issues. His clients have included both political and public institutions, such as the United Nations Development Program.

Dr. Shea is presently the President of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation (ILADEF) and is Immediate Past President of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Society (ILADS).

Dr. Shea holds an Ed.M. in Counseling Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, an M.A. in Hispanic Pastoral Ministry from Barry University and an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. with a dual specialty in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology from the Miami Institute of Psychology. Apart from his academic degrees, he is a graduate of the Organizational Development and Consultation Program at the William Alanson White Institute for Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry and Psychology.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation is often requested when there is either an injury or illness, that affects brain functioning. The evaluation usually consists of four components: 1) an initial consultation interview, 2) neuropsychological testing designed to assess cognitive, emotional, behavioral and interpersonal abilities, 3) consultation with the referring physician and 4) a feedback session to discuss the results and recommendations. The evaluation delineates brain-related difficulties across a variety of skill domains and recommends treatment interventions designed to remediate documented difficulties.

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Psychotherapy begins with the development of a relationship between therapist and client. It involves applying a set of techniques intended to improve mental health. Patients can present with issues that involve psychological, behavioral, social and somatic dimensions that often make it difficult for them to manage their lives and achieve their goals. Psychotherapy attempts to help individuals, couples and families through the utilization of a variety of standard and eclectic treatment approaches. N-E-T-S offers individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy.


Cognitive Remediation

Cognitive remediation is often recommended for traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities and cognitive problems resulting from chronic illness, tick-borne illnesses and other neurological conditions that impact intellectual and functional capacities. Cognitive remediation consists of the development of compensatory strategies and customized exercises designed to improve cognitive abilities and functioning. Home assignments can be given to practice exercises and to reinforce techniques and strategies learned during sessions. After the basic principles of cognitive remediation are learned, these principles can be applied to real life situations.

Seminars & Workshops

N-E-T-S offers seminars and workshops customized to meet the needs of professional and community organizations, school systems and corporations. Through our PREP workshops we provide training to enhance communication skills for couples, families and corporate/management teams.